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KRI aims to continually advance the resuscitation skills of healthcare providers through the development of educational programs and research in resuscitation and reanimation.
ER Doctor helping injured woman


Kingston Resuscitation Institute is the world’s leading centre for education in resuscitation and reanimation medicine. We offer cutting-edge education in state-of-the-art simulation lab and clinical settings. In addition to the Queen’s University Department of Emergency Medicine Fellowship in Resuscitation and Reanimation, we offer educational opportunities for physicians students through our Sim Olympics program and continuing education courses.



KRI is committed to advancing the science of resuscitation medicine in order to improve patient care and outcomes. We focus on funding projects that are progressive, innovative and explore new ideas in resuscitation and reanimation.

Doctors collaborating


Comprised of highly specialized emergency response teams and the cutting-edge Teleresusication program, KRI’s clinical work prepares healthcare practitioners to handle every crisis situation with the level of confidence, skill and expertise needed to improve resuscitation efforts and save lives.

You have no doubt at the end of the day that the work you did made a difference - that it's important. The people who come here are people who share that value, and share that feeling, and they want to be better at it.
Dr. Daniel Howes
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