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Physician Funded and Founded, KRI Is Your Opportunity To Learn, Grow, And Lead.

Resuscitation & reanimation is an emerging subspecialty in the field of life-saving medicine that focuses on improving patient care and patient outcomes. Combining a number of medical discciplines, such as emergency, trauma and critical care, the field of resuscitation medicine is on the cutting-edge of scientific advancement.

KRI was created to advance the science of resuscitation and reanimation medicine by developing new technologies, supporting research and furthering the skills of those working within the specialty through education and simulation based training. Physician founded and funded, this unique coalition of medical professionals—coupled with the simulation lab and hands on training—provides the most comprehensive learning environment, offering unparalleled opportunities for those involved in this evolving discipline.

KRI is the only institute of its kind in the world where healthcare providers can:

Emergency Doctors at work
  • Learn. The academic coursework combined with the training received in the simulation lab provides the most inclusive and comprehensive resuscitation and reanimation education available today.

  • Grow. By funding worthy research projects and working to create innovative technologies that aid in patient care, KRI is at the forefront of advancing the science of resuscitation and reanimation.

  • Lead. Those that emerge from a KRI program are recognized as clinical experts and trailblazers in this emerging field, leading the way in delivering better patient care and improving patient results.

Advance your medical career by joining the growing field of reanimation and resuscitation.

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